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YOUR Game?

ron leach personal training


YOUR Game?

Together we can make it better!

personal training






Playing with your children, or Grandchildren

Working 10 hours a day slumped over a computer

Whatever your game is, most would like to perform better, or at least feel better doing it. So how you can make yourself perform and feel better, and maybe lose those extra pounds you’ve been complaining about for a while?

Exercise and Proper Nutrition
Together we will develop a tailored program based on YOUR needs and abilities. Beginning with a 5 phase Fitness Assessment to determine your present fitness level.
No Cookie Cutter or Fad Programs
Stability ~ Mobility ~ Endurance ~ Strength

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Over the 15 years I’ve been working with people to improve their lives, I’ve heard many time that the hardest part of the program was making the initial phone call!
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