Golf Fitness Specialty Program
Statistically, 60% of amateur golfers lack the physical ability to make the proper body movement to make a mechanically correct swing. A golf instructor could work with your swing indefinitely, but until you can make your body move into certain positions, you will never achieve the swing he or she is attempting to teach you. Worse yet, with the forces generated during the golf swing, improper body movements can result in serious injury.”

            - Steve Gomen
                                            Publisher Golf Fitness Magazine

Ron was accredited a certification in golf fitness from the Titleist Performance Institute in San Diego, CA. in July of 2007.

“This was a logical progression in my continuing education as a fitness professional; marrying my passion for fitness with my love of golf.”

Ron is one of few fitness professionals in Macomb County to be certified by the Titleist Performance Institute as a Golf Fitness Instructor.

“Most golfers concentrate on improving their swing skills, not realizing that they may have physical limitations that might prevent them from executing a sound golf swing. This is a common frustration for golfers and their swing coaches alike.”

TPI process for
Golf Fitness

Physical Screen
 Identifying Limitations
This twelve phase screening process will identify weak and/or inhibited areas of your body that may be preventing you from executing a sound golf swing.
 Physical Screens:
 Pelvic Tilt
 Pelvic Rotation
 Torso Rotation
 Overhead Deep Squat
 Toe Touch
 90 / 90
 Single Leg Balance
 Lat Length
 Half Kneeling Rotation
 Bridge with Leg Extension
 Leg Lowering
 Hip Rotation

Functional Training
 Unlocking Your Full Potential
After learning what limitations need to be addressed from the screening process, a functional training program will be developed to correct these limitations.

 All training packages are customized for each individual based on the limitations to be corrected. Some variables may include:
 Total number of sessions, sessions trained per week, and an individual’s commitment to doing their homework.

Team Approach
To Better Golf
 While Ron takes you through the process of being more physically able to deliver a sound golf swing, we will work hand-in-hand with your swing coach to ensure you get the results you are looking for