I began my training program with Ron Leach approximately nine years ago.  I had been walking and playing tennis, but not on a regular basis.  As I approached age 65, I wanted to improve my strength, flexibility and posture, as well as, lose a few pounds. Ron tailored a program specifically for me.  I really enjoy the individual attention I receive as I work with him one on one.  Ron makes sure I am using the proper techniques, monitors my progress, and critiques and motivates me in a positive way. I am very pleased with the results! I have increased my strength in most areas, improved my endurance and lost approximately 25 pounds. I know I could not have done it on my own! I am truly grateful for Ron’s help and support.

Joe W.—Clinton Twp.

I started training with Ron Leach in February of 2004 at age 52. The result of a skiing incident left me with a knee problem and the sudden realization that I was older than I thought. Not being one to go to the larger gyms in the area, working with Ron at Strictly Personal with it's one on one training in a private setting was a much better option for me. Ron gives me continuous encouragement with well thought out training sessions that fit my requirements and progress. My experience with Ron has been as enjoyable as working out can be, and very rewarding. A special thanks for what I feel has been a very successful transition in my health.

Richard S.—Harrison Twp. 

As someone who has dealt with being obese for the majority of my life I decided to make another attempt at losing weight in December 2003.  After completing a weight loss program (successfully losing over 250 pounds) and spending some time in maintenance, I found myself reverting back to old eating habits, unhappy with my exercise regimen, and gaining approximately 50 pounds.  Knowing that I could not continue down this path, I started interviewing gyms in 2005.  One of my stops led me to Ron Leach after seeing an advertisement in a local newspaper.

Focusing only on the cardiovascular exercise aspect throughout my weight loss journey, strength training was not an integral part of my routine.  What a positive difference this decision has made in getting myself back on track along with re-evaluating my exercise and eating habits to protect the weight loss and muscle that was and is being achieved.  In my experience, it is not often that one is told to reduce cardiovascular exercise and increase food intake.

Ron is very personable and knowledgeable.  His devotion to each person’s individual needs and capabilities is a testament to providing specialized care to meet the needs of his clients along with keeping the workouts challenging and fun.  The individual workout rooms and the availability of the exercise equipment with no wait time are added bonuses.

11 years later, I still enjoy the workout sessions (well, most of the exercises) and am more than happy with the return on my investment in setting, reaching, and exceeding any goal that has been set with Ron.
Holly S. - Clinton Twp.

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